Advice on buying a Classic

Over the years we have customers call us or bring in an instrument they have recently purchased, which is not complete or in a very bad state. They have often paid far too much for them and have let their enthusiasm rule their heads There are thousands of Fender Rhodes pianos and there is no need to buy one with no legs or pedals unless it's for £50 for spares.

NEVER BUY an instrument from abroad from a website unless you know what you are looking for or have purchased it there and tried it out first. The horror stories are too many to repeat, but it’s the same lesson to be learned. Don't buy unless you have tried it. For some it's their first Wurly or Hammond etc and they don’t really know what to expect.

We are constantly educating people in what is a good instrument, what can be repaired and what should not be purchased in the first place. We are here to help and advise: an email to us could save you a lot of wasted time and money.

I remember when you could just go and buy a new Fender Rhodes and every record had a Rhodes on it. But they were mass produced and inconsistent. Every so often a great one would turn up and would be so much better then the rest.

I have had only four in the last three years that I have thought good enough to purchase to sell to customers. They are all stripped down and rebuilt and anyone would be proud to own one. They are getting rare but you should wait until a good one turns up. There are a lot of average Fender Stage 73s about and for most they are OK for gigging, but don’t pay too much!!

Tiny - HHC