An International Summer

Never the same day twice and we love it that way.

On the custom work here in the UK, the true split in nickel plate and clear acrylic is coming along. More custom Hammond PR40 cabinets and Leslies are requested by customers.

The summer had a distinctive international feel to it, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Spain, Scotland. Oh and Devon: don’t ask…

From Denmark: The restored RT3 rig was asked to be delivered personally to Stockholm. With just 3 days notice we were on our way. “You will love the Hotel we have booked for you” said the client’s email. After the 670 mile drive, we arrived in Stockholm, unloaded the cases and went off to the hotel. We arrived at the hotel, it was once the old Stockholm prison converted to a stylish hotel, each cell having its own shower. “Clunk” goes the cell door. A most unnerving feeling but after such a long trip, soon forgotten. Up early to get the rig up the one flight of stairs, which turns out to be a spiral staircase with tall ceilings thankfully wide? So extra crew were organised and in one lift and up the rig goes.

Once set up to its restored PR40 and 147 Leslie, everyone sat down as the very proud owner Hubert Best gave a classical recital. Windows open, a small crowd gathered outside below listening to the Hammond RT3. Thank you for all the help and great hospitality (sorry about the football).

On returning to the UK I started work on a copy of a white Hammond C3 chop for a 40th anniversary film. The chop was all done in 48 hours (to the director’s amazement), all went well.

Sad news followed a week after but we have years of good memories and can still see that smile of appreciation when the Rough B3 was played at full tilt. Rip it up John.

From Australia: A UK spec 1962 B3 rig came to us for a full restoration flight cased in red, yellow and black made by our great mate Ian at TUFFA CASES ( ). Ian said that it’s the Aboriginal national flag.

From Spain: It arrived last Monday a c1959 USA spec home-use B3 with a 122 and PR40 in for a full restoration.

From Devon: A good long day was had collecting a rare find, a c.1969 Hammond D100 in light honey oak with an original matching oak 122 the first UK one we have ever seen sounding incredibly dull and quiet. After full day in the workshop correcting past wiring and faults it’s now in our Music Room screaming for all to see and play.

Autumn is busy already and we count ourselves lucky. But what a summer.