Hammond Model K Organ Restoration

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Circa 1940 Makers plate removed

This Hammond Model K is in our workshop in Coventry. We are doing a complete restoration owing to bad maintenance and a poor restoration by a Hammond engineer in the past.

The original work was done quite well, though we don't approve.

The chorus generator has been removed and the original manuals have been modified to accept Vibrto / Chorus and Percussion and the later drawbar assemble and vibrato linebox, scanner and sync motor have been fitted and a later preamp fitted.

Later on someone has cut all the mains and scanners wires and added plastic connectors and even a crocodile clip, wires added from the manuals owing to problems in the manuals.

The case has been sanded to lighten the colour and refinished very badly, with this all being done with the organ assembled.

When we stripped the Hammond K we took the photos and you can see the damage and poor maintenance for yourselves.