• Hammond B3 c1974 Light walnut. two 122 Leslie cabinets c 1963 the best year in dark walnut showing the contrast in colour
  • Hammond B3. c1957 Blonde. mahogany wood yellow stain and white stain in the lacquer. A very plastic look when new but again after fading the UV clears the lacquer and reveals the yellow to oak finish
  • Hammond C3 c1965 light oak this was delivered to a church on the 23rd of Dec 1965 and then moved to us in 2010. you can see how the sun fade varies with the light oak
  • Hammond C3. c1965. Light oak with a White stain in the lacquer.Fading over time revealing the richer oak finish. In the UK it was often called blonde. Not like the USA blonde finish which is a yellow stain
  • Hammond D102 .c1969. 122 Leslie and Pr 40 Hammond Tone cabinet all matching
  • Hammond D102. c1969.UK Blonde faded over time. Blonde oak 122 and Pr40
  • HAMMOND ORGAN FINISH. Blond and light walnut .You can clearly see the yellow in the USA blond
  • Hammond B3 c 1962
  • Hammond B3 c1959 in factory white
  • hammond B3 c1963 uk spec
  • Hammond B3 c1974
  • Hammond B3. c1974 UK spec in light walnut one of the last UK Hammond B3 made
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Every Tonewheel Hammond has its own individual sound, with no two Hammonds sounding alike.

All of our Hammond B3, A100 and C3 organs are genuine original British 240 Volt Organs.

  • Only Genuine B3 Hammond Are Available From The Hammond Hire Company
  • Only The Best And Original From The Hammond Hire Company

Just some of the kit you can hire from us. The original 24 hour hire company, 7 days a week.

All items are serviced by our own service dept with over 36 years experience

  • A100 c 1968 split
  • C3 c1963
  • C3 c1969
  • B3 c1955 Blonde
  • B3 c1959 White
  • B3 c1961 Light Walnut
  • B3 c 1962 Dark Walnut
  • B3 c1963 Rose wood
  • B3 c1965 Walnut
  • B3 c1970 Walnut (the rough B)
  • B3 c1974 Light Walnut
  • B3 c1974 Light Walnut and Teak
  • M102 c1966 Blonde
  • M3 c1964 oak (green onions)
  • L100 c1965 Walnut
  • RT3 Limed Oak

All above are 230v 50 cycle UK. Original Hammond B3
Accept the 1955 Blonde which is run on our own custom cycle and voltage converter no 50 / 60 cycle beating as far as its concerned it's still in the USA.

  • Leslie Cabinets match all finishes of their appropriate organs
  • Leslie 145
  • Leslie 142
  • Leslie 147
  • Leslie 122
  • Leslie 122RV
  • Hammond P40 walnut
  • Hammond P40 light oak

New - a big blonde B3 from the USA! A very rare BLONDE 1955 HAMMOND B3 with matching pair of Blonde 122 Leslie Cabinets.

Hammond: a big blonde from the USAc 1955 Hammond B3 blonde, cased and ready to rollBlonde 122 RV Leslies

  • Hammond B3 Organ Complete Side View
  • Hammond B3 Organ Complete Front View
  • Hammond B3 c1974 - our latest addition to our stock of real Hammonds

Just look at the pictures of our latest acquisition, an immaculate Hammond B3 organ that is now available for hire

This organ and a completely restored 1965 British 240V B3 are available for hire and can be seen at the Zoo London

March 2006: another B3, this time a Hammond 1963 model, has been added to our hire dept.

Obviously, they have all been fully restored by our dedicated engineers to the highest standards and you will not find better sounding instruments available for hire.

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Leslie Speaker Cabinets and H.BOX preamp

No Hammond would be complete without its Leslie speaker and again ours are perfect sounding, completely restored cabinets that will perfectly complement the sound of our organs.

  • Leslies
  • H.Box
  • Leslie amps
  • H.Box reflection

We also have 147 & 122 Valve or Solidstate Preamps available.

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