For Sale: Helios EQ

  • 31 type 78 mic line pre Eq units

  • 24 x 3 Band. 7 x 4 Band Sowter transformers

  • For sale with full history

  • Maison Rouge Studio 1 / The Skylight Suite

Will not be sold separately

First offer over the reserve

In 1975 Ian Anderson commissioned Dick Swettenham to build a desk for Maison Rouge studios in Fulham, London after they had a Helios built for the Mobile which to save confusion was called La Maison Rouge. The Helios was installed in studio 1 Maison Rouge in 1976. So many artists recorded there. Here is a link to some of the work done at Maison Rouge studios Fulham London.

As a hire company working in London we visited most if not all the studios.

Some stood out like all great studios not because of the equipment but of the people that made it happen. Dick Swettenham (Helios), Clive Green (CADAC).

If one had to say which was the most influential of that independent studios movement, some say golden period, it has to be Olympic studios and Keith Grant and not Abbey Road. And that as we all know is where the Helios story starts.

In 1984, looking for a desk we looked at the Helios at the Manor. It was now in an out building covered in straw, not looking in the best of condition. The search went on.

We heard the Maison Rouge Studio 1 Helios was up for sale. One look and it was purchased. To be installed in the first ever purpose-built programming studio in England: the Skylight Suite

Installed in a creative and relaxed environment over a slow and detailed restoration for recording to our spec. It took 7 people to restore the 32x24 Helios Desk. Thanks to Gwyn who over saw the restoration.

We had so many compliments on the quality of the sound of the 32ft wraparound Helios.

We opened on April the 4th by our mates Godley and Creme.

Andy Munro said this is how studios should be built, open plan natural light, it's the future.


Dire Straits Hugh Cornwell /Mick Glossop. John Illsley / Dire Straits

Roger Waters / Ian Ritchie. Chris Difford and Steve Nieve.

Ian Richie. The Big Dish. Pete Wylie, Holly Penfield.

Scarlet Rivera and Tommy Eyre, Alison Moyet. The Alarm / Tony Visconti. Danny Thompson.

Ellis, Beggs & Howard. Ronnie Wood / muscle shoals. Craig Leon

James Bond theme .Eric Clapton and Vic Flick. Michael Kamen

On this session I was asked to mic the 2 drum kits in the control room. 48ft by 50ft.

2 isolation platforms were set up, everyone was recording to film in the control room

I used the AKG D30 and STC 4038 and other mics.

The pairs of AKG D30 and STC 4038 came From Abbey Road, then Apple Studios, Savile Row, then to Tittenhurst Park, Ascot Sound Studios which became in 1973 Ringo Starr Startling Studios from whom I purchased them, we still have to this day.

The comments later from the Floyd Eng. said we get a better drum sound in your control room than we do at Townhouse. Well, we had an advantage, we had the Helios they had at that time an SSL. Sorry Hugh.

Ow, we had to turn down Pink Floyd as we were busy upgrading the studio but that's another story.

The Helios desks all have great history but as Dick often said some clients had odd requests but he loved the type 78 for its famous top end, its clarity, clean and rich mid and bass and reliability.

It is hard to get a bad sound or mix on a Helios.

You may find an odd channel with no history but you will not find 31 Helios type 78.

With full history from the golden period of British recording. Before or ever again for sale.

Email offers to in complete confidence.