John's A100

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  • A100 Individual contact clean
  • bussbar assembly was out of line with the bussbars causing them to be permanently stuck all its life untill removed and rebuilt
  • Bussbar shifter assm
  • Bussbars cleaned and prior to cleaning removing the old lube
  • cleared of all the foam
  • correctly rebuilt bussbar shifter mech
  • foam removed .and all contacts inspected and buzzed out
  • foam removed and wax paper in place prior to lacing
  • incorrectly assembled bussbar asembly done at the Hammond factory
  • individual contacts to be cleaned
  • Lower man cleaned and ready for lacing
  • man assembled and ready for test rig to TWG
  • man comming together
  • man partly stripped
  • rebuilt Bussbar shifter
  • two types of foam are often found in the later A100 .the foam in the top of the photo has not degraded and on other A100 we have found this is also true
  • Ready for collection