Leslie speaker cabinets

The one thing that makes a Hammond sing beside a great player is the Leslie speaker cabinet. Though they were around for many years its when in 1963 the 2 speed was available with Chorale and Tremulant, fast and slow appeared. This is the sound we recognise as the Leslie sound today.

Even today some like to have an option added to create stationary bass.

Our chief engineer's experience in servicing and restoring goes way back to the mid-1960s. Often asked like a lot of things then, 'to make it louder'. Crown, Quad, Marshall and Hiwatt amps. EV driver and Gauss bass speakers were used but today it's down to originality.

Matching a Leslie to one of our fully Restored Hammond rigs makes it all happen. We fully restore every component, motors, mechanical speakers and the wood cabinet.
The amp is rebuilt and we even hand wind our own transformers. The valves are nos or new but always selected. Once when buy some NOS Mallard vales from a dealer who said 'They were too good for a Hammond' Not ours. We have invested thousands of pounds in buying valves and evaluating NOS and new. Not getting too bogged down in what people write about them as the new valves vary for one batch to another.

Leslie quote 40w output but you will not get near that. Our restored amps with our hand wound transformers are 30 /32w and 108 to 110dBa at 5ft. And are as quiet as a church mouse.

Taking a battered Leslie and bring it back to life is most satisfying not just the sound but also the look. We have a 122R c1963 prob the oldest in the UK it was so neglected when we found it but today its early Jensen 15inc bass speaker and Jensen driver deliver a beautiful tone and the sympathetically restored cabinet looks just right.

Not Just For Keys

Putting other instruments though a Leslie cabinet opens up and another world of inspiration. For years we had to put up with a preamp speed control box that did nothing for the sound. We designed and built our own.

The H.Box

All hand built in house our own hand wound transformers. Switchable FET and valve front end with Cascade. Wide band 6dB per octave and 12dB per octave narrow band EQ. Pentode or Triode output. Line and speaker output. Any Leslie option .foot pedal control. So for hire, service, restoration, sales or you would like to come and visit and hear what they all should really sound like just come and say hi.