Moog/Classic Synth Restorations

Below are some pictures that show the detail and quality of our classic synth restorations.

The Moog on the bottom pictures had it's electronics repaired, tuned. The customer, a museum, wanted the crayon marks and uneven keys left owing to the original famous owner.

We also have a gallery showing the restoration of a Minimoog which had been painted all black.

We also have pictures of two Prophets, a T8 and a T5, and an OB4 Voice. There are more photos of classic synths in our Service Gallery

New! VCS4 restoration and Oberheim OBXA system restoration. Also a Roland JP-8, Pro 5 and Korg Poly. Three restored Minimoogs and a Minimoog D.

Nicky's Minimoog.

Korg Polysynth

Swiss Minimoog

Minimoog D ex Manticore

Examples of our restorations can be seen and heard at the Zoo in London by appointment.