Rhodes Restorations: Mal's Stereo 88

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This piano like a lot of other Rhodes has had a hard life.

Mal wanted to have it completely restored then it will stay in his studio. .

The Rhodes came to us and was evaluated and a report given to Mal

The work done:

  • Top piano section stripped to case. Base section stripped to case
  • All components divided into individual sections.
  • Keyframe. Keys, Harp.Preamp. Amps. Power supply. Speakers. Metal work
  • Screws nuts caps corners etc.
  • Tolex removed, case sanded refilled prepared, New speaker baffle made
  • Retolexed new metal work fitted, New speaker grill, Mk1 style, Customer's choice
  • Keyframe restored set and levelled, keys polished profiled. New bush's felts. Pins polished and set-up
  • Keys fitted levelled. Replaced 16 pickups. Preamp repopulated and Vib adjusted to a slower speed, Amps restored to original spec and power supply soak tested. New cables speaker loom jacks phono mains etc. Refit. Tuned dynamic balance action adjusted.
  • Soak test.

The Customer is very happy.